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After numerous relapses my life was a shambles I had nowhere to go and I was at the end of my rope. It was suggested to me by my sponsor that go to live at a sober house. So I interviewed 4 different houses, Bridgehaus being one of them. In my interview with the house manager it was clear to me that this was the right fit for me. It was 24/7 program with safety,  community and accountability front and center. Moreover, I learned how to live with the 12 steps of AA as a design for living. For this I am profoundly and humbly grateful. Thank you Bridgehaus. – Timothy S.

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What is sober living? What is a sober house? What is a recovery home?

Sober Living Chicago, Sober House Chicago and Recovery Home Chicago are all basically the same thing – an environment created for newly sober individuals which includes supported community living, active participation in 12-step recovery program requirements, accountability, curfew, random alcohol & drug testing, assistance with life skills goals and more.

The premier concept in Chicago Sober Living and Chicago Recovery Home environments - raising the bar and setting the standard for those seeking both quality environment and recovery centric community living.

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