Completely embarrassed and ashamed that I could not live clean on my own, sober living was my final white flag. Tail between my legs, I was just hoping Bridgehaus would be a safe, clean place to rest my head at night. And it was. I was treated immediately with dignity and allowed to find a structured way to live again. Though outside of expectations, I found a solid community of guys in the backyard of Bridgehaus who helped keep me accountable. It was clear that Johannes, Ari, and Eric were intent on fostering that kind of strong community - and its ultimately why I stayed as long as I did. Beyond grateful to be sober today and to have found this place.

Dan B.

Yesterday, I reached one year of sobriety. Living at BridgeHaus for seven months played a critical role in my recovery progress. I am deeply grateful to Ari, Johann, Eric, Errick and Doug for providing the leadership, fellowship and shared commitment to my recovery that I needed. These guys are powerful examples of how to live abundantly with strength and humility while recovering from an addiction. For example, I would bump into them almost daily at meetings throughout the city and share in some of the same service activities. Although I am now in my own sober living home, I continue to enjoy the support and fellowship from the BridgeHaus management team and my fellow residents. I am very proud to be a BridgeHaus alumnus!

Rob S.Alumnus

After numerous relapses my life was a shambles I had nowhere to go and I was at the end of my rope. It was suggested to me by my sponsor that go to live at a sober house. So I interviewed 4 different houses, Bridgehaus being one of them. In my interview with the house manager it was clear to me that this was the right fit for me. It was 24/7 program with safety, community and accountability front and center. Moreover, I learned how to live with the 12 steps of AA as a design for living. For this I am profoundly and humbly grateful. Thank you Bridgehaus.

Timothy S.Alumnus

Living at Bridgehaus for 8 months was truly a life changing experience. I was nervous about sober living and recovery in general when I first moved in, but Ari and Johann, along with the rest of the Bridgehaus staff, immediately made me feel welcomed and safe. Bridgehaus offered me an ideal balance of structure, warmth, and independence that I needed to form a strong foundation for my recovery. The apartments themselves were some of the nicest places I have ever lived in (especially the Gold Coast location) and the Bridgehaus community made early sobriety much more manageable and upbeat. I felt that the staff was truly invested in my recovery, and would do whatever they could to help me grow as a person in sobriety. I would absolutely recommend Bridgehaus to anyone considering sober living, and am truly grateful for my experience there.

Jack L. Alumnus

A lot of people go into sober living after a stint in rehab. That wasn't my story. After trying and failing to stay sober while living on my own, I decided to move in to Bridgehaus for at least three months so I could establish a "beachead" of sobriety and jump start my recovery. Previously, I hadn't been able to put together more than six weeks at a time, and I was growing more concerned I was going to lose my job or get arrested. The house made all the difference. I wound up staying for five months and having that added accountability and proximity to recovering guys allowed me to push through those first few rocky weeks and see what a sober life could be like. I'm typing this from my new apartment, and I owe a lot of my new clarity and happiness to Bridgehaus.


When I made the decision to move into sober living, I never imagined having such a positive, life changing experience like what I found at Bridgehaus. When I showed up, I was hopeless, lost, broke, but I was able to find recovery with the help of house managers that truly care about you and your well being. Not only does Bridgehaus offer a safe environment for early recovery, but I learned to self-sustain, work the 12 steps, help others, and most importantly get my life back on track as a direct result of my sobriety. Nothing but good things to say about Bridgehaus, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a sober living home.

John L.Alumnus

I was really nervous about doing the whole Sober Living thing, but when I took a walk through the Bridgehaus, I knew that this was the only place that would work for me. There are so many things I really love about Bridgehaus. I like how the house is split up into units, giving you a sense of your own living space, while still feeling connected to a strong community of recovery. I like that recovery is the motif of Bridgehaus, and that meeting attendance is a requirement, not a suggestion. This keeps the vibration and spirits of the house high, and makes people who are serious about their recovery want to stay. I ended up staying 9 months, and my stay here really helped me to shape and transform my self into the person that I love to see in the mirror today. I truly recommend it to anyone who is on the fence about Sober Living like I was, you wont regret it!

Taylor P.Alumnus

I wanted to express how wonderful the staff at Bridgehaus is. They have really helped my son find his path, given purpose to his life, companionship and direction. They have all walked the same path so are knowledgable and compassionate, yet frank and open. The accommodations are beautiful and have a warm apartment feel. There is nothing institutional about it. I visit him often and feel very comfortable when I am there. I finally have seen first hand sobriety is possible. I have hope. It's like they gave me my life back, too.

Cindy M.Parent

I am thankful that bridgehaus was a place of quality after my sons 28 day rehab. To have a place to re-group and build a new way of life and still be accountable. My wife and I felt good about his chances of getting a clean start with others and then being able to continue that journey still to date. We are forever grateful.

John K.Parent

I had visited a number of different halfway houses prior to coming to Bridgehaus, but when I walked through the BH unit I would be staying in and met the guys there, I knew right away it was the place for me. I stayed at BH for a number of months and it really felt like home, it didn't feel like a treatment center, halfway house, or any other institution. It was home, it was the closest thing to normalcy in my life in a long time and it helped bridge me into a new independent life that I live today. Very grateful for this place and highly recommend it to anyone looking for comfortable living conditions, with structure, in a great area of Chicago!

Sean K.Alumnus

In my 18-plus years of providing services for the Recovering Community, I have seen many organizations and people come and go which is why I bring this testimonial for Johann. I have seen him give from his heart with passion and always with integrity. Johann is trusted because his word is carried out. His walk far exceeds his talk. And his desire to help others is evident to all. I am writing this testimonial mainly because I truly believe that Johann will carry out his mission without compromising (his beliefs). Integrity, matched with compassion can lead to good guidance and direction-which so many of our clients are seeking.

Steve Greenberg, BA, CADC, LCDC, DirectorRCOSA, Chicago, IL

I've known Johann about 5 years now both in my capacity as a therapist at and Clinical Director of New Hope Recovery Center. However, Johann has been involved with New Hope as a volunteer for 12 years and has had a wonderful impact on the recovery of the client's that he's come in contact with. Johann is dedicated to recovery and his clear headed no nonsense approach comes through in his interactions with our clients. He's a fierce advocate...and his passion for sobriety is very apparent.

Jeff Zacharias, Clinical DirectorNew Hope Recovery Center

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